Audit SQL Server Logins and Database Role Permissions

Maintaining high-level security for all SQL Servers should be a priority for every administrator. And this is where proper inventory on SQL Server logins and database users is a real savior.

Examining server and database roles plays a big part in keeping SQL Servers secure. SysKit SQL Manager provides you with a detailed report of roles on all SQL Servers and databases in your domains. Quickly check who has access to what, as well as whether everyone is granted appropriate permissions.

Inventory logins and roles on SQL Servers

It’s vital to reveal who can connect to the SQL Server and what roles they have at the server level. But tracking and gathering that information manually takes too long. Save time and effort, let SysKit SQL Manager do generate a complete inventory of logins created on all your SQL Servers. Find out which sysadmins have full control of your servers, and explore other assigned server roles.

List all database users and their role permissions

Most SQL Server databases have many users viewing and accessing data. For you, as the administrator who needs to keep track of all those users and their role permissions, this is a major security concern. Use SysKit SQL Manager to list and report on all database users and their predefined, fixed, or assigned roles.

Create detailed reports that map logins/users and their corresponding roles at the instance and database level, and use them for auditing your security.

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