What’s New – 8.0

October 2018

SPDocKit 8 is now available! We created what true SharePoint heroes, admins, and consultants, said they need during our extensive research. The new version brings powerful audit, analytics, and usage reports. Stay on top of all changes, track farms resources usage and always be aware of how visitors have interacted with content on your SharePoint. Try it now – 30-day free trial!

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SharePoint Audit Reports – Security is Top Priority!8.0

Knowing who has done which action is crucial for security, so you need to be able to track who did what in your environment. Keep track of user activity in your SharePoint and control malicious behavior. SharePoint audit logs can help you track important changes and actions such as opening and editing documents, deleting items, changes in permissions or audit settings and much more.

SharePoint audit log - see number of changes per site collection

Get a summarized report with an overview of all changes that the out-of-the-box SharePoint audit logs cover! With audit reports you will be able to filter, sort and analyze what your users did or changed on sites, lists, libraries, list items and files.

Audit Log details - all changes that the out-of-the-box SharePoint audit logs cover

Check and Manage SharePoint Audit Log Settings8.0

Check if the audit settings are turned on through your site collections. Use SPDocKit rules to turn on auditing straight from SPDocKit! Plus, there is an extra feature – no need to worry about archiving your data. Easily overcome default SharePoint settings and control how long to keep audit log data by setting a custom retention policy.

Compare User Permissions8.0

Stay on top of all permissions changes and keep your data secure! Quickly find differences in SharePoint permissions or track changes over time. With this new compare option, you will be able to check and compare assigned permissions for any two principals in your SharePoint. Except that you can easily track changes in permissions per user through time.

Compare permissions for any two users or simply track changes through time for one specific SharePoint user.

Permissions Matrix8.0

Check who has access to what from one powerful report. We redesigned permissions reports and created the matrix report which allows you to get a full overview of users’ access and how permission levels are being assigned.

Permission matrix report - see how permission levels are being used per each user

SPDocKit Consultant – Zero-footprint at Your Clients8.0

New SPDocKit Consultant comes with revamped architecture which simplifies consultants’ day to day operations when working with clients. This new simplified approach helps you take care of your clients’ farms more efficiently!

We simplified collecting data and SharePoint farm settings, there is no need to install and activate product in your client’s environment any more. More info which explains how this new product works is available here. This means that there will be zero-footprint – avoid leaving any trace and files in your client’s environment. Install SPDocKit on your workstation and create reports easily.

SharePoint Analytics Reports8.0

Monitor and analyze how site collections are being used and how visitors have interacted with content on your SharePoint. Check number of hits and users per each site collection in one summarized report, and track how these trends are changing.

Keep track of important analytics trends - site hits, visits and modifications

Find most visited sites, drill down to get the list of site visitors. Explore site collections sizes, number of subsites, when it was last accessed or when was some content modified for the last time.

New Structure & Usage Reports8.0

Except exploring detailed SharePoint structure down to the list item level, now you can get a detailed insight into farm usage. Keep track of recently created sites, lists and documents. You can also find inactive sites and unmodified lists as well as recently modified documents. Keep your farm clean and well-structured!

SharePoint Usage reports - Keep track of recently created sites, lists and documents. You can also find inactive sites and unmodified lists

Document Extensions Reports8.0

To get the most from your SharePoint farm you need to keep an eye on your resources – keep track of how the storage is being used. New Document Extension Overview report shows the summarized number of documents by extension (such as number of .pdf, .mp4, .docx files) and their total size.

Go a step further and explore even more details – get a complete list of all documents per extension type as well as their size and versions count on a site collection level.

Document Extension Details report - get a complete list of all documents per extension type, check number of versions per file and size