What’s New – 7.2

November 2017

We are proud to present the SharePoint wonders of SPDocKit 7! This version brings some impressive SharePoint administration, management and governance gems such as Project Server documentation, restoring permissions, auditing permission changes, SPDocKit Insights for performance monitoring and SharePoint Online reporting! Experience them all, try now!

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New Reports - Office 365 Groups and Teams7.2

The new SPDocKit Online brings one of highly requested features – Office 365 Groups and Teams reports and management. The new report shows a list of all Groups and Teams in your tenant. Also, you can check membership and ownership per each Office 365 Group. Of course, you can use our compare wizard to track membership changes.

Office 365 Groups reports - check members and owners per each Group.

Office 365 Groups Management – Bulk Actions7.2

Use powerful, yet super-simple, wizards to manage Group memberships. Create groups or delete one or more groups at once. This wizard allows you to select groups by a specific term (e.g., containing “2016” or “marketing”) or by its original name.

Office 365 Groups - Bulk Management Actions - Manage membership and ownership, create or delete groups.

In addition to option mentioned above, there is one more option, which compared to the out-of-the box Office 365 options, is a real time-saving administration gem – easily add or remove as many members/owners as you wish to one or more groups at once in just a few quick steps. What’s even better, you can import users for these actions to people picker from a .txt or .csv file! Additionally, you can quickly remove members from all groups.

Performance Monitoring – Better Experience7.2

SPDocKit Insights Performance monitoring dashboards bring some novelties for a better user experience and a more detailed analysis of servers’ performance. Now, you can group detected servers by type, status, farm, or simply ungroup them. Choose between different views – grid, list, or tiles. You can even filter servers by status.

Server Performance dashboard - maximize any performance counter chart to get a better overview of its behavior

When you select the server you wish to examine more closely, you will be able to maximize any performance counter chart to get an even better overview of its behavior. From there, you can also turn on/off the warning and error threshold visualization. Sounds useful, doesn’t it?

Filtering by Permission Level7.2

To make the Permission reports even more powerful and user friendly, we created a new filtering option for all Hierarchy permission reports. Choose the permission level you would like to check and find all users that have been granted that specific privilege all the way to the list item level, through the entire hierarchy!

Global Filters - Snapshot & Farm7.2

Farm Explorer and Best Practices sections now come with a new Snapshots filter. This allows you to choose a different date (snapshot) without navigating to the snapshots tab. From now on, when using the Farm and Snapshot filters, the selected parameters will be applied even when you navigate to the other section of application, which makes it easier to track the data that user is currently exploring and provides a more unified experience.

OneDrive for Business Report7.2

Permissions Explorer has a new functionality. As you already know, you can utilize it to analyze and manage SharePoint Online permission settings for any object. From now on, you can also use it to see a list of all currently used OneDrive personal sites, and from there you can check the usage status, along with the warning and maximum storage quota.

One Drive for Business report - see a list of all currently used OneDrive personal sites, check the usage status, along with the warning and maximum storage quota.

Automatic Snapshots for SPDocKit Online7.2

Until now, you could only create manual snapshots using SPDocKit Online. Now, it comes with an SPDocKit Service, and it allows you to create snapshots automatically and have your data ready when you start the application, which means that you get some additional automatic options.

You can schedule report subscriptions and receive the most important reports to your email, for example to check external sharing regularly. Also you can set up alerts to get notified when permissions are changed, which might be very important when speaking about sensitive content. Alerts can also notify you when group membership change occurs.

Event Viewer - Event Sources Upgraded7.2

SPDocKit Insights Event Viewer comes with a powerful collecting engine which is now improved and collects logs from all types of Windows Logs!

On top of the Application event log, we’ve now added possibility of searching through Security, Setup, System, and Forwarded Events types of logs.

On top of the Application event log, we’ve now added possibility of searching through Security, Setup, System, and Forwarded Events types of logs. It is also possible to create alerts for all types of Windows Logs to proactively track and detect possible issues. Refiners and searching are also improved (read release note for more details).

Configuration Wizard Unified & Simplified7.2

The new SPDocKit Configuration Wizard is now a centralized location from which you can setup both SPDocKit and SPDocKit Insights. The wizard works in a smarter way and according to what the user has chosen during the installation, and it offers a central location for configuring all the required components in a simple and effortless way. So, no more duplicate entries from the user side, set-up all in one place and you are ready to go!

SPDocKit 7.1 - Better Look and Feel7.1

This release brings a dozen of improvements. What we would like to point out is that we redesigned how we load Features and Solutions, so you should see quite an improvement on load speed. There is also a redesigned Compare and Configuration wizard, faster Live permissions explorer for SharePoint Online and in general – better handling of SharePoint Online sites.

Rebranding - We are SysKit7.1

We are happy to announce the new visual identity and rebranding of all our products, only SPDocKit will keep its original name and logo for now. You can read the backstory on these changes in the Rebranding Announcement blog post. SPDocKit – made with heart by the SysKit team!