What’s New – 6.2

SPDocKit 6.2 is now available and ready for you to try it! If you wonder what SPDocKit team worked on this time, here is a short overview. This version brings a completely new, tuned-up and redesigned Monitoring feature, new Compare options (for farms and permissions), Best Practices and Permissions Alerts and some other improvements. Enjoy using SPDocKit!

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Monitoring Revamped!6.2

The biggest novelty in version 6.2 is an extensive upgrade and redesign of SPDocKit’s monitoring feature. As well as the new design, there is a better collecting engine, developed to improve performance and the user experience.

Learn how you can utilize the new SPDocKit Event Viewer, search and filter ULS logs by category, source, server, event ID, and correlation ID. All events are accessible in a single place – keep your farms healthy with SPDocKit!

New Permissions Compare Options6.2

The Permissions Compare wizard now has two completely new options. One of them allows you to compare two different groups. This can be useful when troubleshooting permissions or finding identical SharePoint or Active Directory groups.

The second one lets you track changes and check if the members of SharePoint or AD groups have changed. Easily view differences in group membership at different points of time and use the report to decide, for example, whether you need to restore the previous state or keep a site in its current state.

Live Site Explorer6.2

In addition to historic snapshot data, now you can see live data in Site Explorer. Save time by navigating quickly to your preferred site and exploring the real-time information that you are interested in—there is no need to wait for the loading process (for snapshots data) to finish!

Documentation for Installed Certificates6.2

Under Farm Explorer, we created a new report that lists all of your installed server certificates in one place. A certificate store often contains numerous certificates, possibly issued from a number of different certification authorities. You can include this list in a SharePoint farm documentation file.

Along with this report, we’ve added a Best Practice report that notifies you if some of the certificates are going to expire soon or have already expired. Pretty useful, isn’t it?

Feature Pack 1 MinRole Support6.2

Feature Pack 1 brings support for smaller environments with two new server roles: Front-end with Distributed Cache and Application with Search. We have updated the SPDocKit MinRole classification, in accordance with SharePoint 2016 Feature Pack 1 changes.

Export to Excel and Dig Deep6.2

SharePoint farm documentation and the overview of farm differences are now exportable to Excel. Dig deep: you can filter, explore, and analyze your data easily using Excel’s capabilities. This will give you a better overview of the most important details of your SharePoint farm that you need to analyze.

Permissions Differences Alerts6.2

Set up alerts and receive email notifications each time a snapshot is created and a change in permissions is detected. You can track changes for any SharePoint object in a desired site collection. In addition, SPDocKit can send you a notification when a group membership changes or when a difference between two groups is detected. These alerts help you to stay on top of all changes.

Best Practices Alerts6.2

We added a new alerting option for the Best Practices reports. Easily set up Best Practices alerts for the configuration settings you need to keep an eye on. Receive a notification each time the metrics on a specified report fail and go to a critical status. Monitor farm configurations more efficiently and stay up to date with all critical and important changes.

SharePoint Content and Usage Overview6.2

This new overview report highlights some useful data, such as the growth of content databases, SharePoint space used, site collection inventory, number of servers by role etc. It basically outlines SharePoint farm usage metrics through multiple charts and graphs.

Administrative Actions Report6.2

SharePoint 2016 Feature Pack 1 delivered the ability to log the most common SharePoint administrative actions. The new SPDocKit security audit report, called Administrative Actions, provides a user-friendly interface and centralized place for browsing and analyzing administrative actions made on your SharePoint farm.