What’s New – 6.0

We are pleased to announce SPDocKit 6. We’ve made a special effort for this release to give you an even better user experience. We’ve decided to improve Compare Wizard, Best Practices Dashboard, and much more. You will notice a new SPDocKit logo and a dark appearance option also. SPDocKit 6 is full of surprises. Check it out!

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Improved Compare Wizard6.0

To improve the experience of our users when running a comparison, we decided to simplify the steps in Compare Wizard. You’ll notice that wizard has a new look also. Now SPDocKit recognizes defined mapping options while comparing two different farms so in the next comparison of these farms, you don’t have to repeat the mapping process. We added a service application mapping option as well.

Take Snapshot Wizard6.0

You may have been wondering what the difference was between loading a farm and taking a snapshot. We’ve decided to make your life easier, so from now on, taking a snapshot is the only option you’ll need. Whether you’ve taken an automatic or manual snapshot, all snapshots are visible on the Snapshot tab, previously known as Change History.

Application Settings Management6.0

This new feature will be particularly useful for consultants who switch between customers and admins who manage many farms. It allows you to transfer application settings easily between different installations. Export the application Settings file, which contains best practice modifications, comparison and service snapshot schedule settings, etc., and import these settings into any other SPDocKit instance. This will save you time when configuring SPDocKit options on any farm that you manage.

Find the lists that are over the threshold6.0

By using this new query, SPDocKit helps you to find all the lists that are over or close to the threshold. Easily locate lists with more than 4500 items. Once you have that info, you can contact the owners of these lists and help them to clear or organize them better.

Customize Best Practices6.0

Use the new Customize Best Practices option to configure the settings for built-in best practices. Select the BP you wish to monitor on your dashboard and easily customize the threshold values. Export these settings and use them in another farm. Get an overview of your farm check using the improved Best Practices Dashboard.

New SPDocKit Dark appearance6.0

If you prefer working with a dark application, just visit the Options Wizard and change the appearance to dark. Along with SPDocKit 6 comes the new SPDocKit logo. In Croatian, “kit” means whale, so we thought a whale would be a perfect fit. We hope you’ll like it.

AutoSPInstaller Improvements6.0

Since our customers were really enthusiastic about AutoSPInstaller Configuration File Wizard, we decided to make a few improvements. Now you can set up installation options, such as the install and data directory. You’ll notice a key icon next to the password field, which means that from now on, SPDocKit can retrieve the farm account password for you. That will make your configuration a little bit faster for sure.