What’s New – 5.2

SPDocKit 5.2 is here on time, as always. We’ve been working hard to bring you exciting new features. You can manage SharePoint On-Premises and Online permissions, thoroughly document your farm with IIS and SQL reports, and count unique and all site visitors. Loading is even faster than before, so nothing is stopping you from trying out the new version now!

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View IIS & SQL documentation5.2

Our improved Farm Explorer now contains everything you need to know about Internet Information Services (IIS) and SQL server settings. Generate documentation containing all your general or advanced settings for your SQL database. Explore application pools, IIS sites, and all site settings in just a few clicks.

SharePoint workstation administration5.2

Use any workstation to connect to the SPDocKit database and compare different farm snapshots. Validate farm configurations even from remote locations. Just install the app on your workstation in under a minute, connect the database, and review all the information you need.*
*Not available with Farm licenses. 

Unique visitor & Site visitor reports5.2

We’ve added a new set of content and usage reports. Count the number of unique visitors accessing your farms on a specific date or during a set date range. List all the users visiting a particular collection of site collection in a selected date range to see if any users are accessing sites they shouldn’t be.

New & improved load wizard5.2

In addition to the three types of loads introduced in the latest release (default, advanced, and full), we’ve been working on improving load resource consumption. Now you can adjust the performance, load faster, save time, and start exploring!

Manage permissions in SP Online5.2

No matter where you are, you can access SharePoint or SharePoint Online Sites to manage permissions using SPDocKit’s client. There’s no stopping you now, dear admin, from managing permissions all day, every day, and everywhere you go.*
*Available for Consultant, Site and Team Ultimate licenses. 

View & manage in SharePoint5.2

SPDocKit’s interface now includes View and Manage in SharePoint elements. Use them as a shortcut to open and administer specific content directly in SharePoint via your browser without leaving the application and searching for the content manually.

Save to SharePoint Online5.2

Super accessible feature that allows saving your favorite report directly on SharePoint online. No need for saving files locally and uploading them manually. Just choose the documentation library you want to save them in and carry on with your work.