Measure your SharePoint adoption & control your farm storage with SPDocKit

Learn what makes your SharePoint users tick. Optimize accordingly.

  • Find out the usage trends of your farm: Get an overview of important metrics such as active users, the number of sites, and hits your content gets. Track how these trends are changing.
  • Cut clutter: Learn about your SharePoint usage. Keep your environment clean by removing inactive content.
  • Optimize your performance: Gain crucial insights. Make decisions about how to re-arrange and manage your content. Plan for the future.


Top reasons to measure your SharePoint adoption with SPDocKit:

  • Get an overview of activities, visits, hits, and searches with the drillable Analytics dashboard. See your farm’s storage usage and most popular documents.
  • Analyze the current size of your databases and site collections and check the forecast of their growth.
  • Check the list of all your SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2010 Workflows. Detect workflow activity.
  • Prepare for your SharePoint migration on time.

How SPDocKit adds value to Microsoft tools:

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