Generate SharePoint Documentation and Follow SharePoint’s Best Practices

SharePoint documentation is essential – generate all SharePoint documentation and check if your farm configuration complies with SharePoint best practices.

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Why use SPDocKit to generate SharePoint documentation?

Automatically create professional-looking and well-structured SharePoint farm documentation.

Have all your important data in one place – all the farm, system, and configuration settings.

Drillable Farm dashboard shows you an overview of your farm configuration.

Check if your farm is configured properly and ensure a healthy SharePoint environment.

Save hours of manually pasting data from different sources.


SPDockit Will Get You a Complete Overview of Your Environment in a Matter of Minutes

Generate SharePoint Documentation

Save Time

Create thorough farm documentation in a few quick steps and save hours of manually pasting data from different sources.

Compare Farms and Track Changes


Keep track of all the changes and differences in your environment. Compare farms, track changes and check SharePoint structure.

Follow SharePoint Best Practices


Check if your farm is configured properly. Keep up with Microsoft recommendations and ensure a healthy SharePoint environment.

Give SPDocKit a try and check out all its features!

    • SharePoint Analytics and Usage Reports

Measure your SharePoint adoption (farm hits, active users and much more) and keep your farm storage under control.

    • Generate SharePoint Documentation

Automatically create professional-looking documentation containing all the SharePoint farm and Project Server configuration settings.

    • Compare SharePoint Farms

Track changes that occurred on your farm in different points of time.