Waardenburg Consulting Case Study




Waardenburg Consulting is a SharePoint consulting agency founded in 2014 in the Netherlands by Meindert Jan Waardenburg. Currently, the agency works with several clients. Waardenburg’s main activities include SharePoint farm functional design and development, as well as the configuration and documentation of existing farms.

The Challenge: Documenting Farm Configuration

SPDocKit helped with daily SharePoint tasks

How to easily document a SharePoint configuration?

Waardenburg Consulting works with various clients that need help with setting up and maintaining a SharePoint environment. The main problem was that there was just no easy way to document a SharePoint configuration. Doing this manually is inefficient and so slow that its duration can exceed the client’s billable hours.

The Solution: SPDocKit – Ultimate SharePoint Admin Tool

SPDocKit helped with daily SharePoint tasks

Waardenburg and his colleague stumbled upon SPDocKit

It seemed as if SPDocKit was what he had been searching for, because of its ability to document environments automatically. Waardenburg downloaded the trial version and was happy with the results. It helped them with daily routines like:
  • generating farm documentation
  • comparing farms and tracking changes
  • auditing farm configuration.

“I would definitely recommend it.”

– Meindert Jan Waardenburg, SharePoint Consultant, Waardenburg Consulting

The Result: Faster Farm Assessment

SPDocKit helped with daily SharePoint tasks

Waardenburg did client's projects much faster than before

SPDocKit has saved Waardenburg Consulting a significant amount of time, which is a valuable bonus in the dynamic business of being a SharePoint consultant. He managed to:
  • save valuable time
  • save money that he would spend on more expensive tools
  • gain the trust of his clients by offering better service

“There are other tools, expensive tools, but none of them is as effective nor affordable as SPDocKit.”

– Meindert Jan Waardenburg, SharePoint Consultant, Waardenburg Consulting

Download Comtrade Case Study

SPDocKit has helped many SharePoint admins with their daily tasks and routines, and it has become known as the best SharePoint medicine. Use it to generate SharePoint documentation, manage permissions, compare farms, track changes, and much more. If you are interested in testing it out yourself, download a free trial now.

Published in September 2015