Summit 7 Systems Case Study




Summit 7 Systems is a consulting company that provides SharePoint and Cloud services and solutions. The company was founded in 2008 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, but later relocated to Huntsville, Alabama. Today, Summit 7 Systems is a growing team of highly specialized IT professionals, developers and consultants with vast knowledge and diverse expertise, whose goal is to help customers create the best solution for their business environment.

The Challenge: Assessing Migration Requirements

SPDocKit helped with daily SharePoint tasks

How to evaluate migration requirements faster?

Summit 7 Systems consultants undertake a range of different activities for SharePoint installations. The most common are the design and implementation of a new farm, the migration of an existing farm, a SharePoint assessment, and audit, and performance optimization. Assessments were usually very time-consuming and required a lot of manual work.

The Solution: SPDocKit – Ultimate SharePoint Admin Tool

SPDocKit helped with daily SharePoint tasks

Summit 7 Systems started using SPDocKit as a standard practice

Summit 7 Systems trialed the SPDocKit tool, evaluated it and soon had its own license. Afterward, SPDocKit tool became a standard practice with each client. It helped them with daily routines like:
  • farm documentation
  • extraction and validation of custom solutions
  • tracking of changes made to the farm.

“I showed the tool to every client I worked with.”

– Jay Simcox, Senior Consultant, Summit 7 Systems

The Result: Faster Farm Assessment

SPDocKit helped with daily SharePoint tasks

Jay did his assessment much faster than before

The biggest plus Jay experienced was the amount of time he saved during the assessment. What usually lasted at least a week, was now done in under a day. He managed to:
  • make an assessment and installation under a day
  • avoid scraping useless data
  • avoid writing PowerShell scripts.

“The complete farm assessment with the installation and the configuration of the tool lasts a day, tops.”

– Jay Simcox, Senior Consultant, Summit 7 Systems

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SPDocKit has helped many SharePoint admins with their daily tasks and routines, and it has become known as the best SharePoint medicine. Use it to generate SharePoint documentation, manage permissions, compare farms, track changes, and much more. If you are interested in testing it out yourself, download a free trial now.

Published in September 2015