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Experts Inside GmbH is a global leader in the field of SharePoint and the Office 365 consulting. Founded by the group of the MVP’s in 2011, this firm fast became one of the leading experts in the dynamic SharePoint market. The firm and its experts deliver the best quality to their clients regarding all SharePoint related services, from architecture, development, and design to setup, configuration, support, and maintenance.

The Challenge: Auditing & Replicating Farm Configuration

SPDocKit helped with daily SharePoint tasks

How to quickly audit configuration of three farms?

Company was engaged by a large client Weleda AG to help them with the upcoming migration of their SharePoint farms. It was no easy task – three SharePoint On-Premises farms needed to migrate from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2013. Auditing the configuration of the existing farms and trying to replicate them during the migration process takes quite a while, and it was vital to make that process as quick and simple as possible.

The Solution: SPDocKit – Ultimate SharePoint admin tool

SPDocKit helped with daily SharePoint tasks

Experts Inside chose SPDocKit to help them with migration

Experts Inside already had a positive experience with SPDocKit so they choose it for this project as well. It’s proven to be a smart call, migration was a success and there were no issues with configuration documentation. It helped them with daily routines like:
  • generating farm documentation
  • comparing farms and tracking changes
  • auditing farm configuration.
nicki borell

“Migration is never easy, so we needed a proven tool to help us.”

– Nicki Borell, SharePoint MVP, Evangelist & Consultant

The Result: Quicker Farm Migration & Post-Migration Maintenace

SPDocKit helped with daily SharePoint tasks

Nicki decreased the documentation effort significantly

The biggest plus Jay experienced was the amount of time he saved by generating the configuration data with SPDocKit. He managed to:
  • have a clear insight into farm configuration
  • make a post-migration maintenance easier than before
  • recreate the exact same farm configuration.

“With SPDocKit we can gather all the info we needed to generate a documentation in just a few minutes and just a few clicks “

– Nicki Borell, SharePoint MVP, Evangelist & Consultant

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SPDocKit has helped many SharePoint admins with their daily tasks and routines, and it has become known as the best SharePoint medicine. Use it to generate SharePoint documentation, manage permissions, compare farms, track changes, and much more. If you are interested in testing it out yourself, download a free trial now.

Published in July 2015