Deltion College Case Study



Deltion College is a regional education center active in nearly every discipline offered at senior secondary vocational education (MBO) level. The SharePoint Administrators at Deltion College are responsible for monitoring and keeping the SharePoint environments in shape 24/7.

The Challenge: Tracking Farm Changes

SPDocKit helped with daily SharePoint tasks

How to track changes across multiple servers?

Every week, a new functionality is added to the environment by external suppliers. Not all changes are implemented by scripts in all environments with all consequences. Investigating the cause usually takes a considerable amount of time.

The Solution: SPDocKit – Ultimate SharePoint Admin Tool

SPDocKit helped with daily SharePoint tasks

SPDocKit turned out to be their solution

College SharePoint administrators used to write their own scripts. Although writing scripts is fun, it takes some time and energy. A customer, however, would like to be helped immediately. That’s why they started looking for another solution. SPDocKit helped them with daily routines like:
  • farm documentation
  • monitoring farm health
  • comparing farms and tracking changes.

“SPDocKit generates reports that can be understood by everyone.”

– Wilhelm Rojer, SharePoint Specialist, DeltionCollege

The Result: Faster Farm Comparison

SPDocKit helped with daily SharePoint tasks

Wilhelm gained time for more important things

After installing and configuring a new SharePoint farm, Wilhelm and his team could forget a number of unnecessary steps. By using SPDocKit they managed to:
  • precisely indicate changes made to the farm 
  • offer immediate help to their clients
  • save a lot of working hours.

“The ability to make a snapshot of an existing environment and compare it with a previous version is really ideal.

– Wilhelm Rojer, SharePoint Specialist, DeltionCollege

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SPDocKit has helped many SharePoint admins with their daily tasks and routines, and it has become known as the best SharePoint medicine. Use it to generate SharePoint documentation, manage permissions, compare farms, track changes, and much more. If you are interested in testing it out yourself, download a free trial now.

Published in April 2018