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Comtrade Group is southeast Europe’s leading IT company, with over 1,500 employees in 11 countries. The company specializes in software solutions, system integration, and hardware distribution.

The Challenge: Managing Users’ Permissions

SPDocKit helped with daily SharePoint tasks

How to manage users and their permissions efficiently?

Comtrade has been using SharePoint since version 2003. The company currently has several internal SharePoint portals and a few external portals for external collaborators. Managing users and their permissions has an important role in Comtrade’s daily operations. To do so accurately, one must put in a lot of time and manual effort because SharePoint does not provide an efficient solution on its own.

The Solution: SPDocKit – Ultimate SharePoint Admin Tool

SPDocKit helped with daily SharePoint tasks

SPDocKit turned out to be their solution

Before the Comtrade team learned about SPDocKit, they tried other solutions. However, they were not satisfied with any of them, and they mainly used custom PowerShell scripts to perform the necessary tasks in SharePoint. After testing the SPDocKit they were finally satisfied. It helped them with daily routines like:
  • farm comparison
  • tracking changes
  • managing permissions.

“SPDocKit is easy to use, and it gives me a great overview of the SharePoint environment, permissions, and farm health.”

– Erik Žunec, SharePoint Administrator, Comtrade Group

The Result: More Time For Strategizing

SPDocKit helped with daily SharePoint tasks

Erik gained time for more important things

What previously took Erik hours to do, now took minutes. By using SPDocKit he managed to:
  • save a lot of time
  • decrease his workload
  • have more time for planning migration

There is no need to have ten different tools that each do small pieces of work. SPDocKit does it all without a hitch.”

– Erik Žunec, SharePoint Administrator, Comtrade Group

Download Comtrade Case Study

SPDocKit has helped many SharePoint admins with their daily tasks and routines, and it has become known as the best SharePoint medicine. Use it to generate SharePoint documentation, manage permissions, compare farms, track changes, and much more. If you are interested in testing it out yourself, download a free trial now.

Published in September 2015