Monitor SharePoint Farm Health and Performance

SysKit Insights - monitor SharePoint performance and search through Event Log, SharePoint ULS and SQL logs and keep your farm healthy.

SysKit Insights - New Performance Monitoring and Troubleshooting Tool

To help administrators more efficiently monitor SharePoint farm performance, search through ULS logs and avoid issues, we decided to provide a solution in the shape of a new tool – SysKit Insights. SysKit Insights brings 30+ SharePoint-specific performance counters, real-time alerts, centralized event viewer and real-time dashboards!

Event Viewer – Troubleshooting Made Easier

Event Viewer feature is designed to allow SharePoint administrators to monitor information about their farms’ health from the Windows Event Log, SharePoint ULS and SQL logs across all servers in their farms.

SysKit Insights comes with a powerful collecting engine that gathers all of these logs into one console. It saves time and makes troubleshooting in a multi-server farm environment easier.

  • Gathers ULS, SQL and Windows Event Logs from all servers across all farms
  • Allows searching through SharePoint ULS, SQL and Event logs
  • Filters data by category, source, server, message, event ID, and correlation ID
  • Works in real time and collects events continuously
  • Makes all events accessible in a single place
  • The Event Viewer can be used on multiple workstations
  • Filter results, export to Excel, and dig deep!

Event Viewer Alerts

In addition to searching through collected logs, you will be able to set up alerts to proactively track and detect possible issues and solve the system problems on time. Set up a query addressing the problem that you want to proactively track and receive email alerts with the problem details without logging on to your servers.

SharePoint Performance Monitoring

To provide optimal usage experience to end users, it is crucial to continuously monitor your SharePoint Server system performance and keep an eye on all important performance counters. You should always keep track of your physical resources and optimally tune your configuration.

Farm Performance Dashboard - track server roles, RAM, CPU and disk data. Colored tiles will instantly notify you when a server reaches a critical state.

Real-time Performance Dashboard

Monitor servers performance for each farm via interactive live dashboard. Detect if the servers in the farm are online or offline, see their roles, and track the CPU, memory, network bandwidth and disk usage data. Tile colors will instantly let you know when a server enters a critical or warning state. Choose between different views, easily group and filter servers.

Track important performance counters status per each server in your farm

Performance Counters per Server

Click on any server and get a detailed overview of its performance over time to identify potential bottlenecks. Various interactive graphs will help you visualize and monitor key performance counters – obtain a quick overview of your server’s behaviors and utilization of its key resources. Maximize each of the performance counters to get an even better insight.

Relax and Let SysKit Insights Monitor Your Environment For You