Automatically compare any two snapshots, regardless of timespan and see whether there were any changes made since the most recent snapshot.

Define your variables to use in multiple cmdlets/functions.

After script execution, SysKit Shell automatically sends a notification via email with detailed results. The results are sent in .xlsx format.

Schedule script execution at preferred date and time. Define on which servers to run it on, at what time, and the time between two runs. This way you can set up scripts to continuously run on specific servers at selected intervals.

Create a new script or add cmdlets through SysKit Shell, and execute them on preferred servers. Having created a new script or adding a cmdlet, the user can execute that script or cmdlet on multiple servers in different time periods. All script and cmdlet executions on multiple servers are performed simultaneously, which reduces the overall execution time.

Write your own PowerShell scripts through SysKit Shell console and retrieve the information you want. Before saving, the script is syntactically validated and executed on the selected workstation.

Specify credentials for each of the domains in your environment using a simple, easy-to-use interface. When entering a credential parameter, you are provided with an appropriate form for entering a username that may be a new or one of the existing ones.
In addition, we also have a CredSSP support. Delegate the user’s credentials from the client computer to the target remote server using CredSSP.

SysKit Shell provides reports based on your execution results. Generate reports according to different criteria (time, server, and cmdlet/script). This way, script/cmdlet results can be easily combined within different time intervals.

All the available parameter sets, and the parameters within them, are displayed to the user in one place. That way, users can easily select the parameter set in the appropriate forms and fill-in the parameter with data according to their needs.

Note: Please bear in mind that this is a high-level roadmap without feature details; everything listed here is subject to change without prior notice.