Detect Office 365 Issues to Improve Slow
Office 365 Performance

Find out what makes your Office 365 slow and ensure the maximum uptime
of your SharePoint pages with SysKit Sense


Why use SysKit Sense to monitor
Office 365 performance?

Pinpoint the pages impacted by Office 365 performance degradation and detect the time and trends in service decline.

Continuously monitor your Office 365 health status on a simple dashboard and see how it changes through time.

Detect all indicators of Office 365 site slowness or bad user experience before your users experience any issues.

Save your potential downtime by tracking real-time Office 365 issues happening at any of your offices around the world.

Boost the Office 365 uptime

Improve your Office 365 Health with SysKit Sense!

Proactive Office 365 performance monitoring

optimized office 365 performance

Detect poor Office 365 performance
to fix issues before they impact
user experience.

Enhanced Office 365 health and productivity

optimized office 365 end-user experience

Ensure the maximum uptime of SharePoint pages and minimize the risk of
business disruption.

Real-time alerting on potential

intelligent office 365 performance alerts

Avoid performance degradation by
using the real-time intelligent
alerting system.

Give SysKit Sense a try and check out
all of its features!

    • Office 365 Uptime Monitoring

Use the built-in alerts that will notify you any time a page goes down or any performance metric becomes critical.

    • Office 365 Performance Monitoring

Detect issues such as non-optimized CSS or HTML on a site, pages containing oversized images and track JavaScript files.

    • Geo-distributed Performance Metrics

Track real-time issues happening at any of your offices around the world and minimize the effect of business discontinuity.

  • A number of Office 365 licensed users/employees/end users.