SysKit Sense

Get early access to SysKit’s new cloud-based solution for Office 365 performance monitoring

Optimized Office 365 end-user experience

optimized office 365 end-user experience

 Detect poor Office 365 page performance and ensure great user experience.

Enhanced Office 365 health and productivity

optimized office 365 performance

Ensure the maximum uptime of your SharePoint pages and minimize the risk of business disruption.

Real-time alerting on potential issues

intelligent office 365 performance alerts

Rest assured you are safe from any security breaches by using the intelligent alerting system.

Boost the Office 365 uptime

Office 365 Uptime Monitoring

The uptime of your SharePoint pages is the most important metric you need to keep in check.

  1. Pinpoint the exact root cause of your Office 365 slowness by generating the GUIDs of slow sites,
  2. Compare the real state of sites with the promised service level in the SLA agreement,
  3. Communicate the problem with Microsoft support easier and fix the problem faster than ever before.

Pro tip: Use the built-in alerting that will notify you anytime a page goes down or any performance counter becomes critical.

optimize office 365 end-user experience

Office 365 Performance Monitoring

The root of poor Office 365 page performance can be attributed to many other factors rather than just page uptime. SysKit Sense will detect all indicators of Office 365 site slowness or bad user experience before your users experience any issues:

  • Report on non-optimized CSS or HTML on a site, 
  • Detect pages containing oversized media such as images and videos, 
  • Track JavaScript files and their size.

All the tracked information combines in a single health score, providing you real-time insight into specific page health and how it has changed through time. 

geo-distributed office 365 performance monitoring

Geo-distributed Performance Metrics

Sometimes, the source of an issue is not in the page itself, but many external factors like the location of your business. 

For instance, you are sitting in your London office and everything seems fine on your end, but your colleagues in Dubai are experiencing page slowness. This can happen due to Microsoft networking and DNS routing setup that causes different levels of service for the users of the same tenant. 

By installing SysKit Sense’s sensors in different locations, you can track real-time issues happening at any of your offices across the world. Timely detection of those issues will save you from potential downtime and minimize the effect of business discontinuity.

The benefits of cloud application

cloud-based office 365 performance monitoring tool

Effortless collaboration 

With SysKit Sense being a cloud application, it is easy to access your data and monitor Office 365 performance no matter where you are simply by logging in with your Microsoft credentials.

Key performance metrics can easily be shared with different business units, management and members of your team by simply sharing the URL of the web app.


Maximum security of your data

Maximum protection of user data is something we highly value. 

SysKit Sense is deployed to your Azure subscription from Azure Marketplace. This means that your data is stored in one of the most secure hosting platforms in the world as Azure implements the most advanced security mechanisms and processes covering network infrastructure, hardware and services.

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