Manage Microsoft Teams Users,
Settings and Guest access

Simplify Microsoft Teams management and generate different reports in no time with SysKit Security Manager


How can SysKit Security Manager help manage your Microsoft Teams?

Since by default each Office 365 user can create a Microsoft Team, things can easily get out of hand, and your end-users can make a big mess out of your tenant. As our goal is to make admins’ lives easier, there are few carefully picked features in SysKit Security Manager that can help you manage your tenant quickly and accurately!

Add owners in Microsoft Teams

microsoft teams clone team feature

SysKit Security Manager helps you manage Microsoft Teams with ease!

Report on Teams settings and review different policies per team.

Manage Microsoft Teams settings and memberships.

Generate different reports on Microsoft Teams permissions and
user access

Track guest access in Microsoft Teams.

With SysKit Security Manager You Can Overcome All Microsoft Teams Challenges

Manage Microsoft Teams settings

In the Microsoft Teams screen, you can
browse to find all your active and archived
Microsoft Teams
within a selected tenant and see tenant-wide settings for all the teams.

Manage Microsoft Teams members

Drill down into each team and explore
and manage each Microsoft Teams’ owner,
members and/or guest access. For each Team,
find all associated channels.

Microsoft Teams guest access

You don’t need to click on each team to
find your guest users anymore. Instead,
you can check on all of your guest
users from a single report.

Find orphaned Microsoft Teams

Keep your environment clean
and avoid clutter. Find orphaned
or unused teams,
and much more.

Stay Compliant with Company Policies

Manage confidential information
from a single report and keep your end-users
and organization in compliance
with various data regulations.

Schedule Office 365 reports

Schedule Microsoft Teams reports & ensure
high visibility and control over your content!

Create and export different Microsoft Teams reports to check Microsoft Teams permissions or guest access.

With an Excel export filter, analyze the data further for full control.

Any Microsoft Teams reports can be scheduled to be delivered
via email.

Share various Microsoft Teams reports easily with your management or Team owners.

Give SysKit Security Manager a try and check out all its features!

 Enhanced Office 365 Auditing

Audit each user and admin action across Office 365 and stop any possible malicious behaviour.

 SharePoint & Office 365 Security

Check user access to sites, lists or individual documents with the permission matrix report.

 Office 365 Reporting & Management

Identify all Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams in a tenant. Explore their owners, members, and guest access.