Microsoft Teams and OneDrive for Business - Ultimate Management & Reporting Tool

SysKit Security Manager provides you with everything you need for successful management, monitoring and reporting on Microsoft Teams and OneDrive for Business. Try it out!


Why use SysKit Security Manager to Manage Your Microsoft Teams and OneDrive?

Know your Teams! Check Microsoft Teams membership, detect guest users and track user activity in the last 30 days.

Easily add or remove team members and ownersClone or delete teams with a single click.

Prevent possible security breaches! Pinpoint external users and externally shared content.

Detect all Microsoft Teams and Office 365 Groups permissions and manage them with ease.

SysKit Security Manager will make reporting and management of your Microsoft Teams and
OneDrive easy as pie!

Microsoft Teams Management

Get an insight into the number, membership, and guest access of all Microsoft Teams across the tenant.

Office 365 Groups Management

Easily manage Office 365 Groups with bulk management actions and maintain a clutter-free environment.

OneDrive for Business Management

Monitor OneDrive activity and control access to all OneDrive accounts in your environment.

Give SysKit Security Manager a try and check out all its features!

  • Audit Office 365 Environment
    Track user and admin activities across the tenant.
  • Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams Management
    Clone and manage Groups and Teams members and owners
  • Monitor OneDrive storage usage
    Track OneDrive usage and notify their owners when they’re close to exceeding the limits.
  • Check orphaned users, groups and OneDrive accounts. Clean them up and avoid clutter.