If you are a global tenant admin, you will be able to automatically discover and connect to all site collections in the tenant.

Analyze OneDrive permissions and find out which files users have shared with external users.

Select more than one principal and change their permissions, remove them or move users to SharePoint group.

SysKit Security Manager will analyze your SharePoint environment and warn you if there are potential security risks.

Configure automatic snapshots of permission in your SharePoint environment so you can track changes and get notifications when differences are detected.

Use permissions cleanup wizards in combination with cleanup reports to delete orphaned users or users without permissions and keep your SharePoint permissions healthy.

SysKit Security Manager will crawl your site collections and take a snapshot of permissions so you can track permission changes over time.

Compare permissions between an object with broken permission inheritance and its parent. Compare permission changes on a specific object over time.

Get a detailed overview of SharePoint structure and permissions assigned to each object in the hierarchy.

Find out where and which permissions user has across your SharePoint environment.

Get a list of the content in the tenant that is shared with external users, along with the external users it is shared with. See the permissions that they have on the content.

Find orphaned users or users without permissions. Find groups with disabled owners and groups without users.

Note: Please bear in mind that this is a high-level roadmap without feature details; everything listed here is subject to change without prior notice.