SharePoint Permissions and Security Reporting

With out-of-the-box features, it’s nearly impossible to get a clear picture of who can see SharePoint content—especially with constant changes in your organization.

Use SysKit Security Manager for a detailed analysis of permissions throughout your environment.

Ensure high visibility and control over your content

Avoid having to check every single object one by one to see associated permissions. Check who has access to what from a central interface.

Make sure SharePoint users have the right access. Keep your environment clean and protected.

Built-in reports help you follow management best practices.

Permission & Users

Get an overview of what users and groups have access to, as well as their permission levels.


Check which groups have no users, find groups with disabled owners, list all orphaned users, and more.

Health Checks

Check which users have been assigned permissions directly, as well as which lists have unique permissions.

Security Audit 

List all users with privileged, admin access on the tenant or web application.

Detect all external users in the tenant and pinpoint externally shared content

Control external sharing and prevent possible security breaches

Easily detect external users and pinpoint externally shared content. Keep the wrong people from having access to highly sensitive information and ensure compliance with your organization’s governance policies.

Export any SysKit Security Manager report to Excel so you can filter, explore, and analyze your data.

Controlling the growth and security of your environment is now easier than ever

Start with a free SysKit Security Manager trial and see it in action.