Office 365 Security and Compliance Reporting

Use SysKit Security Manager for a detailed analysis of SharePoint and Office 365 security: 
check the health of your Office 365 and SharePoint, control your external sharing,
and keep an eye on your Office 365 permissions and memberships.

Ensure high visibility and control over your content

Avoid having to check every single object one by one to see associated permissions. Check who has access to what from a central interface.

See permissions by a user or group – list all the places where a user has access!

Maintain control over Office 365 permissions

As an admin, you want to get information about users with a quick glance – like where Mark Johnson has permissions and what Teams and Groups he is a member of. SysKit Security Manager makes it possible!

Get a high-level overview of all permissions given on various locations including SharePoint sites, Teams, and Groups from one centralized interface! Choose between a single or all users and audit their activities in the last 30 days from that same interface.

Do a full Office 365 health check in a second

Check the health of your SharePoint or Office 365 environment from a single overview!

  • See the most important metrics and settings of your environment on one screen
  • Check the security score – the sum of all security issues you have.
  • Control the security score. The lower the score – the safer the environment!

Make sure SharePoint users have the right access. Keep your environment clean and protected.

Drill from one built-in report to another to see data from a different angle.

Permissions Matrix

Check access for each object across the environment, including Office 365 Groups, Teams, and OneDrive.

User Access

List all places where a user has access in a single report! See what kind of permissions the user has for each object.

Security Audit

List all users with privileged, admin access. See which admins have disabled Multi-Factor Authentication.

External Users

Detect external users and externally shared content in your environment, including Teams, Groups, and OneDrive.

Schedule Office 365 reports & keep your management in the loop!

Let the people in charge stay on top of all environment changes, regardless of the type of SharePoint access:

  • Schedule reports to run at any time of the day you want.
  • Send reports in bulk to specified email addresses or a SharePoint library.

Export any SysKit Security Manager report to Excel and keep management in the loop.

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