Manage Office 365 Groups

Office 365 Groups are great for team collaboration. However, it can cause headaches for administrators because there are no limits on who can create groups or for what reason.

With the help of SysKit Security Manager, you’ll have more control over Office 365 Groups in your environment.

office 365 groups list feature page

Easily manage Office 365 Groups and maintain a clutter-free environment

 List all groups in the SharePoint Online tenant and get an overview of each group’s owners, members, and guests.

Track every Office 365 Group activity in the last 30 days with our Office 365 Groups audit feature

 Explore associated Office 365 Groups’ site collections.

In a few clicks, create a new group, assign owner(s) and add members.

 Easily remove group owner(s) and member(s).

office 365 groups create & add members feature

Perform bulk management actions

Let’s say you have two new sales team members who need to be in all groups related to sales projects. Avoid doing such tasks group by group – with SysKit Security Manager, you can add owners/members to multiple groups at once.

Ease day-to-day Office 365 Groups administration with SysKit Security Manager

 Start with a free trial and see it in action.