Govern, Analyze, and Audit Your Office 365

SysKit Security Manager – A Centralized Office 365
Governance and Security Tool


Office 365, SharePoint On-prem & hybrid

SharePoint permission reports & automatization

Manage Office 365 Groups & Microsoft Teams

Control OneDrive security and permissions

SharePoint & Office 365 Security

Check user access to sites, lists or individual documents with permission matrix report.

Explore permissions for each user or group – SharePoint, security or Office 365.

Schedule reports, set up automatic delivery and boost security. Check our report examples.

Enhanced Office 365 Auditing

Audit each user and admin action across Office 365 and stop any possible malicious behavior! Find the logs you want much faster with contextual Office 365 log organization and powerful search options. Keep your management updated by exporting or scheduling Office 365 audit reports.

  • Audit Office 365 permissions – track each granted permission, added user, and broken inheritance.
  • Audit Microsoft Teams and Office 365 Groups – check when a new team is created, a channel added or messaging policy changed.
  • Audit OneDrive for Business – monitor each file added, changed or shared.

SharePoint Permissions Management

Manage SharePoint permissions, clone or transfer permissions between users or remove them completely from Office 365.

Monitor SharePoint Permission changes over time. Report on changes after major upgrades or as a part of regular IT maintenance overview.

Compare changes between different objects, such as parent and child sites or lists with broken inheritance.

Office 365 Reporting & Management

Identify all Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams in a tenant. Explore their owners, members, and guest access.

Manage Office 365 Groups, add members in bulk, change owners or create new Office 365 Groups. Monitor group activity and delete inactive or groups without users.

Manage Microsoft Teams members and owners. Clone Teams or edit Team-level settings. Report on active or archived Teams and delete if needed.

OneDrive Security & External Sharing

Take control of OneDrive security & permissions – check shared OneDrive files and their permissions.

Report on externally shared content and anonymous access links. Stop sharing and keep your tenant secure at all times.

Control OneDrive usage and activity. Transfer orphaned users’ licenses and optimize storage costs by efficiently managing stale OneDrive accounts.


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