What’s new – 2023.5.

Welcome to Syskit Point 2023.5! This new version adds features to help you get complete visibility over trends, unusual spikes, and resources that take up storage. Gain the tools you need to optimize your ​SharePoint storage, identify cost-saving opportunities, ​and make timely informed decisions.

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Storage Management – Insights + Optimizations 2023.5

We’ve created a new set of features to provide you a focused approach for keeping track and managing SharePoint storage consumption. ​Gain the tools you need to optimize your ​SharePoint storage, identify cost-saving opportunities, ​and make timely informed decisions.

Let’s start with a few challenges that we learned about and wanted to help you with. First is rapid workspaces (Teams, Groups, sites) and data growth​ – organizations are constantly producing and storing vast amounts of data.​ Monitoring storage consumption and trends is cumbersome due to the lack of centralized visibility and control. Second is struggling to manage data sprawl across various departments, which leads to continuously purchasing extra storage due to storage shortages.​

​The new Storage insights and optimization tools in Syskit Point bring powerful reporting to help you gain complete visibility over trends and resources that can be cleaned up to free up storage, while policies and notifications help you gain complete control and awareness to make timely decisions.

Storage Insights 2023.5

The tenant-wide Storage Metrics report shows a graphical visualization of usage over time to help you identify potentially unusual spikes. For each site you can see its total size, last activity, limit set per site, and you can also drill down for more details. ​This helps you understand what is taking up the most space and determine whether you need additional storage. ​You can access this directly from the Storage tile on your home screen or from the Reports section. The Storage tile now shows the largest sites that may need your attention.

Drill down from the Storage Metrics report to a detailed Site Storage report. Here you can see a graph showing site growth trends for the last 180 days, total site size, split per file type, as well as site structure and cleanup opportunities.

To gain the most out of reporting, you can dig deeper into the File Storage Details report and see all the file versions and the total storage they use. You can find out how much storage is used by the file versions older than 30 days and see how much storage is used by the file versions older than the latest 20 versions.

Storage Policies and Notifications 2023.5

Microsoft states that if a tenant runs out of SharePoint storage, it will be locked until additional storage is purchased. With Syskit Point, Admins receive timely notifications when they get close to tenant storage quota limits, ensuring timely actions to prevent any interruptions.​

The new tenant-wide Policy – Tenant Storage Limits allows you to set up the percentage of used tenant storage that, once reached, results in Syskit Point raising a vulnerability notification on the Security & Compliance dashboard. ​

Enable notification automation inside the policy, and an email will be sent to Syskit Point administrators (or custom recipients) once the tenant-wide storage limit is reached. You will also get a new Task inside Point so you can react on time and decide if you will free up some storage or buy more.

Storage Optimizations 2023.5

Discover immediate opportunities for storage optimization with a new set of tools that helps you easily identify areas where you can clean up and free up storage. Once you open the Site Storage report, it will show you cleanup recommendations and a potential savings calculator, and with just one click, you can clean it all up and save space.

  • Potential storage savings calculator – see how much storage you can save per site if you delete file versions older than X months or if you delete every file version but the last X versions. You can set up these numbers in the settings according to your needs.
  • Actions for deleting file versions on the site level – choose to delete the versions permanently or to move them to the recycle bin. Keep in mind that by doing this inside Syskit Point you won’t delete the file itself, but only specific versions.
  • Explore storage used by extension – see how much storage is used by videos, photos, Office documents, and other file types.

The centralized storage overview helps you identify cost-saving opportunities and free up space with a click!

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