What’s New – 2022.4

July 2022

With SysKit Point’s newest improvements, you’ll be covered head-to-toe to deal with all your M365 security challenges.

Whether you need to dive deeper into your Power Platform with Power BI inventory or need support with Microsoft Teams Shared Channels, SysKit Point is here to help.

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Extending to Microsoft Power Platform – Power BI Inventory and Permissions Reports2022.4

Power BI is a premier business analytics service designed to enable access to interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities. But the blurriness begins with pinpointing accurate data access classification. 

With SysKit Point’s newest set of features, admins will get instant and accurate insights into facts such as which data is exposed to whom, together with the intelligence of published reports, and with the corresponding time and data sources.  

This extended view of Microsoft 365 inventory comes with a brand-new set of reports and possibilities to:  

  • list out the entire Power BI inventory;  
  • dig deeper into permissions and workspaces; 
  • explore all workspaces with a list of reports and datasets, knowing who created them, who owns them, when they were created and; 
  • check who has access to each of them, along with the access level per user.

 See how it looks.

Power BI Inventory and Permissions Reports

Easily Differentiate Guests and External Users2022.4

External users can access your sensitive data in several diverse ways. Do you know all of them? 

SysKit Point makes it easier for you to distinguish them, limit the data insiders can access, audit activity, and receive alerts on suspicious activity.  

Be in the loop if you’re dealing with guest users (Guests), external users (Ad Hoc Guests), or direct connection users (Shared Channel Users).

Differentiate Guests and External Users

Microsoft Teams Shared Channels reporting2022.4

Microsoft recently introduced a new Microsoft Teams Shared Channels feature to empower cross-organizational collaboration. With this feature you can easily connect and share documents with external partners.  

But also, you can overexpose them in a single moment of thoughtlessness.  

Not knowing where channels with external users are, in which teams, who are all the external users etc. puts your data at risk. 

With the newest SysKit Point feature Microsoft Teams Shared Channels Reporting, you will be able to: 

  • Find and spot all Microsoft Teams Shared Channels; 
  • Drill down to pick out who has access to them; 
  • Detect internal and external members together with their domains; 
  • Discover content on each channel. 

Teams Shared Channels Reporting

Discover all Teams Shared Channels, spot all members and detect what exactly do they have access to, with pinpoint accuracy. Eliminate excessive data exposure with a click.

Microsoft Teams Private Channels – New Management Actions2022.4

Get a real–time view of Private Channels along with their content, members, and owners in Microsoft Teams Private Channels. Monitor externally shared content and permissions.

Now admins can, on top of reporting, remove members, and add or change owners (or promote members to owners) for Private Channels.

Teams Private Channels Management Actions