Make your Office 365 GDPR compliant

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Secure the personal data for your EU customers and employees

As more business processes are moving to the digital world, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) allows individuals to get more control over their personal data. It also protects all EU citizens’ privacy from data breaches, malicious usage, and illegal distribution. It has a global business impact and it will affect your organization if you plan to scale globally, have customers in Europe, or want to compete internationally. Your organization has to provide a stable and secure environment for your EU customers and employees, and their personal data, otherwise, you might end up facing huge fines.

How to make your Office 365 Environment
GDPR Compliant

More than a million organizations use Microsoft Office 365 today, so there are a lot of professionals wondering what they should do to prepare their Office 365 environment to be GDPR compliant. So, what can you do regarding Office 365 GDPR compliance?

You should minimize data security risks by:

  • enforcing strong records management,
  • knowing where private data is stored in Office 365,
  • being aware of who has access to sensitive content in Office 365,
  • tracking who has accessed or changed personal data,
  • enforcing governance policies,
  • auditing user activity and detecting malicious behaviour.

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