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A centralized cloud-based solution for Microsoft 365 governance, security, reporting, and automation

SysKit Point is the central point for Microsoft 365 governance and security management, fully compliant with quality, security, and legislation requirements in the pharma industry.

  • Comply with regulations – Generate comprehensive reporting to satisfy external and internal regulatory requirements that are fully compliant with GxP, GDPR, HIPAA, and SOX. Our solution is certified with ISO 27001 and ISO 9001.
  • Prevent data breaches – Detect suspicious activities, keep track of users’ behavior and the context in which they are sharing data to prevent data loss before it happens.
  • Automate security processes – Audit your sensitive content with automated access reviews. Lift the burden from your IT team and delegate the responsibility to the ones with the best operational knowledge – content owners!
  • Stay in full control over your sensitive data – SysKit Point runs in your Azure subscription and is fully managed by your organization, making sure your data never leaves your environment.

Get a full overview of your M365 environment
in a single interface


Be in the know with centralized access reporting

Collect access data from different Microsoft 365 admin centers and manage them from a single interface.

  • Schedule and export access reports to management and auditors.
  • Overview of the permissions across all sites and files in a  matrix-like report.
  • Detect and manage broken inheritance with immediate removal if needed.
  • Check all guest users’ access, and content that has been shared externally.
  • Remove, add, or edit multiple permissions in bulk.
  • Onboard and offboard users by copying or transferring their permissions to all sites.

Prevent sensitive data leaks with customized alerting

Decentralize your system and receive proactive notifications directly to your email when:

  • Permission access or a sharing policy has been changed on a sensitive site.
  • A private team or group was made public.
  • A user has logged in from outside the allowed IP range.
  • Someone has shared a confidential document with a guest user.
  • An external user has been added to a team.

Delegate and automate your governance actions

Delegate responsibility from the IT team to workspace owners and speed up your governance process.

  • Implement custom workspace templates  and policies for workspaces creation.
  • Define the stages and approvers in a customized approval process.
  • Request an instant access review to investigate potential data leaks.
  • Schedule periodical internal and external access reviews and apply customized policies.
  • Empower site, team, and group owners to manage their members and permissions.
  • Use lifecycle management to detect inactive workspaces automatically.

Keep your Microsoft 365 workspaces
clean and secure

Reach top-notch Microsoft 365 security with SysKit Point

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