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Trace It All – Document Your Entire Microsoft 365 Configuration Inventory and Track Changes

Optimize your tenant for maximum efficiency and full traceability.


How does Configuration Inventory in SysKit Point save admins weeks’ worth of work? 

Complicated multi-tenant management with jumping from one admin center to another one can stay in the past together with PowerShell scripts. Be aware of Microsoft 365 configuration changes in almost real-time. Get ready for auditing and automate your admin processes with close to zero effort by using Configuration Inventory.

  Central configuration management: A single pane view, easily accessible anytime and anywhere, shows you centralized settings from multiple admin centers, automates configuration inventory and simplifies Microsoft 365 multi-tenant management.

Configuration Inventory in SysKit Point

Configuration Inventory in SysKit Point

Make the most of your admin efforts. Save time and boost automatization.

  Traceability and compliance reports: Ensure complete traceability and secure compliance with data protection, data safety, and data processing standards such as HIPAA or GDPR.

  Powerful analytics: Empower your decision-making efforts with data insights to make fact-based conclusions about configuration changes. Detect them instantly and keep your M365 correctly configured.

The solution that helps CISOs and IT admins build a more resilient, transparent, and efficient environment.



Speed up multiple admin center checkups and automate configuration inventory. Reduce your workload significantly. Save time and make fact-based decisions.



Avoid last-minute reviews and reporting. Be ready for external controlling and auditing, comply with HIPAA or GDPR standards with a few clicks. 



Make timely and fact-based decisions about configuration changes and detect them instantly. Keep your M365 secured and correctly configured.  

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