What’s new in Syskit Point: Policy Automation, and Compliance Dashboard

Dive in with us to discover how Syskit Point can ensure your tenant is both secure and efficiently governed – from workspace creation till its end of life.

Microsoft 365 governance, revamped

Ever feel like you’re constantly on the back foot, tackling one challenge after another? We totally understand. Ensuring that security and compliance risks are mitigated while making sure that all workspaces have the appropriate policies applied, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. But here’s the good news: Syskit Point’s September Update is here to change the narrative.

What you will learn

New Policy Automation

Effortlessly maintain control over your environment through automated governance policies tailored to your unique criteria. Ensure policies are continuously applied regardless of how and when the workspace has been created.

Security and Compliance Dashboard

Proactively assess security threats and take immediate action or automate resolving of these vulnerabilities by including owners in the continuous cleanup process.

Behind the scenes of the new Syskit Point home screen

Take a sneak peek at the revamped home screen and discover the enhanced transformation that has taken place.


Danijel Cizek
Danijel Cizek

Certified Product Manager

Danijel has over a decade of experience focusing on solving customers’ problems, and delivering value, and high-quality products. He’s responsible for defining and aligning Syskit Point’s vision and strategy with customer challenges, market needs, and company objectives.
Aleksandra Lipovac
Aleksandra Lipovac

Product Design Lead

With over six years of experience in designing complex SaaS solutions, Aleksandra is a General Assembly alumnus. She is responsible for the entire design process, including UX Research, UX Writing, and UI Design of Syskit Point.