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SharePoint Premium Advanced Management Deep Dive

Join Microsoft MVP Vlad Catrinescu as he dives deep into SharePoint Advanced Management and other SharePoint Premium features such as Restricted Access Control, Data Access Governance, Site lifecycle policies, and more!

Understand the features in SharePoint Premium

In the past year, Microsoft has released a ton of new features for SharePoint administrators, and most of them are in the SharePoint Advanced Management license, an evolution of SharePoint Syntex.

In this webinar, you will learn about all the features included in SharePoint Premium for admins, features such as Restricted Access Control, Data Access Governance, Site lifecycles policies and more!

We will also recap the key SharePoint announcements for SharePoint administrators from the Microsoft 365 Community Conference 2024.

What you will learn

Understand SharePoint Advanced Management

Learn about the licensing model and deep dive into SharePoint Advanced Management.

Hear the latest SharePoint announcements

Catch up on the latest SharePoint Premium news from the Microsoft 365 Conference 2024.

Explore SharePoint Premium features

Discover all the SharePoint Premium features and see them in action.


Vlad Catrinescu
Vlad Catrinescu

Syskit Technical Evangelist, Microsoft MVP, Microsoft Certified Trainer, Author

IT professional at heart, Vlad focuses on helping administrators deploy, manage, automate, and configure governance across services such as SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, and Microsoft Teams. As an author, Microsoft Certified Trainer, and recognized international speaker, Vlad has helped over a million IT professionals and end-users across the globe to better understand and to get the most out of Office 365 and the greater Microsoft 365 platform.