Plan to evolve: Securing your M365 content

Connect with Microsoft 365 and SharePoint consultant Steve Dalby as he uncovers the layers of Microsoft 365 security to evolve your security governance.

Untangle the complexities of M365 security governance one step at a time

With SharePoint groups as the main building block, securing your M365 content used to be simple. Nowadays, the process includes a range of dynamic tools integrated into the content.

In this live webinar, we will break down this increasingly complex structure and give you practical ideas for your M365 security governance.

What you will learn

Understand the range of M365 security levels

Get a full overview of M365 security capabilities that can be applied to a single piece of content, from the original site security model to sensitivity labels and information barriers.

Evolve your M365 security model

Keep up with cloud technology and business improvements by applying directions to your security governance.

Track adoption of your security model

Get practical ideas that will ensure feedback on how your security model is being accepted by the business.

Keep your environment secure with governance automation

Learn how to delegate access reviews to resource owners in a live demo of Syskit Point.


Steve Dalby
Steve Dalby

Microsoft 365 & SharePoint Consultant

Steve Dalby has been speaking, consulting, and teaching SharePoint, Cloud, Security, and Microsoft 365 know-how on intelligent content management forever. Today he spends most of his time helping customers define and adopt cloud and enterprise content management through ‘digital transformation’. With nearly 20 years in implementing Collaboration and Content Management, you will not miss Steve’s passion for implementing technology with a lot of business value.