Securing and governing Microsoft Copilot with Syskit Point

Discover a detailed step-by-step approach of how Syskit Point can help you assess and prepare your tenant, manage user access and permissions, and ensure your environment aligns with the operational demands of Copilot.

Prepare your environment and manage Copilot at scale.

With Microsoft Copilot, end-users can create new content quickly and freely. It is sure to drive adoption of the M365 platform, but IT admins are already thinking about governance and security implications. Join us and learn battle proven strategies on how to keep your governance and security policies intact, without sacrificing your end-users’ freedoms.

What you will learn

How Microsoft Copilot works

Discover Copilot’s inner workings and its significance in the GenAI landscape.

Practical steps and tools

Effectively prepare your environment and manage Microsoft Copilot at scale.

Strategies for IT teams

Learn how to mitigate challenges that come with Microsoft Copilot.

How Syskit Point can help

Find out how Syskit Point can help keep your governance and security policies in check.


Danijel Cizek
Danijel Cizek

Product Manager

Danijel has over a decade of experience focusing on solving customers’ problems, and delivering value, and high-quality products. He’s responsible for defining and aligning Syskit Point’s vision and strategy with customer challenges, market needs, and company objectives.
Hrvoje Bagaric
Hrvoje Bagaric

Engineering Team Lead

Hrvoje’s analytical thinking is crucial in tackling various M365 management and governance challenges, especially when working with enterprise clients and complex environments. Hrvoje went from a C# backend developer to researching the latest trends in the JavaScript world while speaking about his experiences at WinDays, Advanced Technology Days, and local meetups.