Safeguarding your sensitive data with Microsoft Purview

Connect with Microsoft Office Apps & Services MVP Drew Madelung as he introduces you to Microsoft Purview, a new unified set of data governance solutions.

Centralize data governance across your entire estate

As damaging as threats to your company’s data security can be, they’re also easily avoidable – with the right solution in place. Discover the benefits of gaining visibility into your assets, managing end-to-end data risks, and regulatory compliance.

What you will learn

The capabilities of Microsoft Purview

Find out what it is, what it can do, and how your organization can gain maximum value from it.

Microsoft Purview for data protection

Get real-time demos of specific capabilities to help you identify and protect sensitive data.

Getting started with Microsoft Purview solutions

Go through all the actionable steps you can take today to begin safeguarding your data tomorrow.

Boosting security with governance automation

Learn what an all-in-one platform can do to streamline your processes in a live demo of Syskit Point.


Drew Madelung
Drew Madelung

Microsoft Office Apps & Services MVP

Drew Madelung is a Microsoft Office Apps & Services MVP and a Cloud Solutions Architect, providing Microsoft consulting for 10+ years, emphasizing security & compliance solutions. He has helped deploy Microsoft 365 to multiple global companies while rolling out modern information protection and information governance technologies. He helps organizations realize what is possible with Microsoft 365 & Azure, onboard them in a secure and compliant way, and drive sustained adoption of those solutions.