Document your entire M365 Configuration Inventory in Syskit Point

Smart decisions add up. Discover why admins trust our newest module for documenting Microsoft 365 settings and tracking configuration changes while saving weeks of manual work. Get to know Configuration Inventory.

The solution that helps build a more transparent M365 environment

When the stakes are high, every decision counts. Make a decision that will help you get to know this user-friendly feature as a centralized solution for documenting Microsoft 365 settings and tracking configuration changes.

What you will learn

Ditch the complexity

Ease the processes with Configuration Inventory as it provides you with centralized settings from multiple admin centers in one place and automates configuration inventory.

Improve standards with detailed reports

Have full traceability and compliance reports at your fingertips, be ready for external controlling and auditing, and comply with HIPAA and GDPR with close to zero effort.

Streamline your M365 safety efforts

Get easy access and analysis of real-time data, make informed, data-driven decisions based on configuration changes you detect instantly.


Hrvoje Bagaric
Hrvoje Bagaric

Engineering Team Lead

Hrvoje went from a C# backend developer to researching the latest trends in the JavaScript world while speaking about his experiences at WinDays, Advanced Technology Days, and local meetups.