How to start using Teams Shared Channels

Let Microsoft MVP Drew Madelung introduce you to shared channels, a new Microsoft Teams collaboration feature.

Empower cross-organizational collaboration with the newest Teams feature

Workplace collaboration rarely stays within the boundaries of a single organization. To help us communicate with partners, suppliers, and customers, Microsoft Teams introduced Shared Channels, collaboration spaces where you can communicate with users from outside of your Team. In this live webinar, we will go through its functionalities from start to finish.

What you will learn

Why shared channels came to be

Find out the reason why and get an overview of use cases that they will help you solve.

How shared channels work for internal and external collaboration

Get real-time demos of specific capabilities that empower user collaboration.

Learn how to enable shared channels in your tenant

Become aware of its impact on your security and compliance architecture.

Discover all shared channels with Syskit Point

See users that are outside your tenant who are members of the shared channel.


Drew Madelung
Drew Madelung

Microsoft Office Apps & Services MVP

Drew Madelung is a Microsoft Office Apps & Services MVP and a Cloud Solutions Architect, providing Microsoft consulting for 10+ years, emphasizing security & compliance solutions. He has helped deploy Microsoft 365 to multiple global companies while rolling out modern information protection and information governance technologies. He helps organizations realize what is possible with Microsoft 365 & Azure, onboard them in a secure and compliant way, and drive sustained adoption of those solutions.