What’s new in Microsoft Teams for February 2023

Interested in knowing what 2023 brings to the Microsoft Teams table? The answer is: a lot. So, delve into all the latest features in Microsoft Teams with Andy Malone, veteran MVP, YouTuber, and Microsoft Certified Trainer.

All the info – no holding back!

The 2023 update of Microsoft Teams is here, along with some fresh features. To ensure your skills are brushed up, save the date and join us for a Microsoft Teams power hour.

What you will learn

The latest collaborative features in Microsoft Teams

Stay organized and in line with members of your staff or guests outside your organization.

The newest administration and management features within Microsoft Teams

Make sure you’re not missing out on anything.

How the latest Teams security features are keeping your users safe within Teams

Because only a safe tenant is a productive tenant.

How to reduce risk without human intervention

SysKit Point’s powerful real-time monitoring and alerting will do it for you.


Andy Malone
Andy Malone

Microsoft MVP – Microsoft Certified Trainer – YouTuber

With a prestigious international career spanning 24 years, Andy is a world-class technology instructor, author, and consultant, and also an MVP and multi-award-winning international conference speaker. He has spoken at prestigious events such as Microsoft Ignite, The Nordic Infrastructure Conference (NIC), and the Cybercrime Security Forum. His passionate style of delivery, combined with a sense of fun, has become his trademark and has won him great community recognition.