Biggest mistakes rolling out Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a knotty ecosystem both by its complexity and importance in modern business. Learn all its intricacies with David Broussard, preacher of Microsoft in the cloud, and switch from firefighting to proactive mode.

Admin essentials 101

In the not-so-far-away past, organizations took a slow approach to rolling out Teams. Then in 2020, Microsoft Teams was the quickest answer to global remote work.

Now, organizations deal with Teams sprawl and are trying to claw back their tenants into some semblance of order. David will talk you through things you can do to bring order to the chaos.

What you will learn

How did we get here, and why?

Learn from the past to grow for the future.

How do we inventory what we have and stop the sprawl?

Recognize the symptoms and establish end-to-end governance.

What are some lessons that have been learned?

Know how to keep the team – and its content – evolving and not sprawling.

The simplest way to solve content sprawl automatically.

Discover the basics and benefits of a plug-and-play platform that will enable governance of sprawl while you’re sipping your morning coffee.


David Broussard
David Broussard

M365 evangelist, SharePoint consultant, and blogger

David Broussard actively helps organizations find the best way to use technologies to achieve their business goals. David has been in IT for over 30 years: getting into SharePoint in 2003, and now he focuses on the M365 stack. David is the Director of Digital Workplace Solutions at Quisitive. He is also a frequent speaker at industry conferences such as the Microsoft 365 Collaboration Conference.