Microsoft 365 Group Lifecycle Management

Learn how to properly create a governance structure for M365 Groups and how and when to automate the process with David Broussard, Director of Digital Workplace Solutions.

Explore the questions that your organization needs for a proper governance structure

David Broussard sees the M365 Group as the fundamental building block of M365 since their control and how they are created, managed, archived, and deleted is a critical governance issue for organizations.

In this live webinar, you will learn:

What you will learn

What are the Stages of Group Lifecycle Management

Go step-by-step through all the stages of the Lifecycle Management process.

Lifecycle Management Automation

See what should you automate and when to do it.

How to design your M365 Group LMS

Discover the steps to create your own M365 Group Lifecycle Management Service.

Ease your administrative tasks and know your environment’s health with Syskit Point

Automate your governance processes with an all-in-one tool which will give you a full overview of your 365 environment.


David Broussard
David Broussard

Director of Digital Workplace Solutions

David Broussard has been in IT for over 30 years and got into SharePoint in 2003. Now he focuses on the M365 stack and productivity. He loves his job because he gets to go to organizations and preach the gospel of Microsoft in the cloud. That means that he gets to help organizations find the best way to use technologies to achieve their business goals.