Governance planning for Viva Connections: Best practices for intranet governance

Join Microsoft MVP Susan Hanley as she helps you plan and deliver a governance framework for your intranet in Viva Connections.

Plan your intranet with governance in mind

Viva Connections allows you to bring your modern intranet into the apps and devices your employees use every day. But have you thought about your governance strategy while planning your intranet? In this live webinar, you will learn how to:

What you will learn

Plan and deliver a governance framework

Level up your Viva Connections intranet governance planning with Susan’s practical advice, tips, best practices, and content.

Keep your environment clean and secure

See Syskit Point’s automated governance policies to stay compliant and ensure company requirements are properly enforced.

Ensure a sustainable intranet experience

Discover the best ways to get started and ensure that your

intranet provides a sustainable, useful, and usable experience.


Susan Hanley
Susan Hanley

Microsoft MVP

Susan is a consultant specializing in the “people side” of intranet and collaboration solutions. She’s a Microsoft Office Apps & Services MVP and writes the Essential SharePoint blog. Her areas of expertise are intranet strategy, user adoption, and governance. For more than fifteen years, Sue has helped her clients deliver successful SharePoint and Microsoft 365 intranet and collaboration solutions that enable them to reduce the time it takes to deliver projects. She also helps companies work more effectively with partners, share and reuse knowledge and best practices, communicate and collaborate, and reduce the “time to talent” for new employees.