Get powerful insights into Power BI and Shared Channels with Syskit Point

Join us as we’ll show you our newest features to maximize your efficiency and get full transparency over your Power BI, and Teams Shared Channels.

Protect your company data from unauthorized access without manual work

The fact that 70% of employees have access to data they shouldn’t shows how excessive and uncontrolled data access represents a risk for companies that don’t know where their sensitive data is or who can access it.

Syskit Point introduces a new set of features that will help you regain control and gain full transparency over your cloud.

What you will learn

Power BI Inventory and Permissions reports

Explore an extended view of Microsoft 365 inventory. Get instant and accurate insights into facts like which data is exposed to whom, together with the intelligence of published reports, with the corresponding time and data sources.

Microsoft Teams Shared Channels reporting

Discover meticulous insights into where channels with external users are, in which teams, who are all the external users etc.

New Management Actions in Private Channels

See a real-time view of Private Channels along with their content, members, and owners. Monitor externally shared content and permissions per member and proactively keep an eye on file sharing and permission changes. Remove members and add or change owners for Private Channels.

Differentiate Guest and External Users

Our improved report will help you identify Guests, Ad Hoc Guests, and Shared Channel Users.


Josip Grgic
Josip Grgic

Software Engineer

Josip Grgić joined the SysKit team five years ago and is putting his efforts into developing SysKit Point to fill in the gaps within the M365 security ecosystem. Josip puts a lot of emphasis in his work on planning, designing, implementing, and securing cloud infrastructure.