Webinar: The ins and outs of external sharing in Microsoft 365

Let Microsoft MVP Andy Huneycutt guide you on how to safely and securely share content in Microsoft 365.

Allow users to securely share content to external partners

Microsoft 365 allows users to securely share with partners, customers, and others outside the company while providing admins control over externally sharing settings. In this webinar Andy Huneycutt will discuss:

What you will learn

How external sharing works

Understand the basic concepts of external sharing.

How to collaborate as a team

Discover how to work together on a site and on a document.

How to manage your external sharing settings

Learn how to limit sharing and manage settings on your sites.


Andy Huneycutt
Andy Huneycutt

Microsoft 365 Collaboration Specialist

Andy is a Microsoft 365 Collaboration Specialist and Microsoft MVP for Office Apps and Services. He works primarily with SharePoint, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Teams delivering training, consulting, and coaching services to assist information workers in better understanding and successfully implementing Microsoft enterprise collaboration solutions. Since 2010, his experience as a Microsoft Certified Professional helps him develop effective solutions for today’s diverse and ever-changing business needs.