SysKit Point: Optimize Productivity of Remote Work with Microsoft Teams

A challenge that many companies around the world face in a remote work environment is keeping optimal levels of communication and productivity.

That’s why many businesses seek help from remote work tools, such as Microsoft Teams. SysKit Point complements the Microsoft Teams platform to reach maximum effectiveness in your company.

Painless Implementation of Microsoft Teams

Different time zones and flexible schedules can cause workflow disruption and team collaboration for remote employees. Luckily there are tools like Microsoft Teams, that provide seamless communication and collaboration no matter the time and place.

SysKit Point helps businesses who have decided to implement Microsoft Teams into their Office 365 system. With Point it is simple to add guests, members, and owners in bulk to a new team.

You can also see if a new team is created, which provides an extra layer of transparency, so you don’t end up having clutter. Moreover, you can easily offboard a team member, owner or external user by removing their access from the Teams user access report.

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Guarantee Security of Sensitive Data in Microsoft Teams

Security of sensitive data is the number one priority of all businesses, especially those who store their data in the cloud. It’s important to track who is doing what and when no matter if it concerns remote users that work from home or users sitting in your office.

SysKit Point tracks every admin, user, and guest user action from a team down to the file level. It collects the most important audit logs and displays every membership, channel, file, or configuration change in a simple report.

Whatever goes wrong, you can rely on audit reports to detect the issue in a second. You can also track guest access to teams in a dedicated report and keep their access within the limits of the project they are working on.

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Ensure Adoption of Microsoft Teams

To comply with company policies and maximize productivity, you want to make sure that all your users follow standardized processes and workflows. Therefore, it’s critical for all users to use the agreed-upon tools and platforms when working on their daily tasks – especially when they work remotely.

SysKit Point monitors all user activity inside Microsoft Teams and tracks which teams have been active and which have been unused. It gives a clear picture of which remote users are using the approved tool and which are possibly using alternative tools, creating a lack of transparency.

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SysKit Point: By far the easiest tool to use

Frans Kluijtmans
Senior System Administrator, Royal Mosa

“For Managing and Documenting the security of our SharePoint Online environment, by far the best and easiest tool to use.”

Todd Klindt

SysKit Point helps you see what is shared

Todd Klindt
SharePoint Architect, Microsoft MVP

“Once I get a customer all nestled into their shiny new Office 365 tenant, the first thing they ask is ‘how do I see what is shared?’ My answer is always, ‘SysKit Point’.”

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