Solution for Office 365 Analytics and Content Management

Join the early access program and help us shape this tool into a perfect fit for you!

What we're Working On

We’re currently working to create an innovative Office 365 analytics and content management solution to provide you with actionable reports and to help you to:

  • monitor how the content is being used, and visitor trends
  • track storage growth
  • detect unused and stale resources
  • manage content to keep your Office 365 clean

It will be suitable for both Office 365 Global administrators and Site owners!


Office 365 Analytics Overview

Complete Office 365 Content Overview

We are making it easy to create a complete overview of Office 365 usage and adoption analytics, including SharePoint Online, Office 365 Groups, Teams, and OneDrive services.

Track changes in your environment and keep control over the self-service activities.

Granular Office 365 Usage and Trends Analytics

We are working on easy-to-use Office 365 analytics reports for proactive monitoring of site visits and user activities, storage growth, as well as to actively identify inactive Teams and sites, or stale documents.

Measure Office 365 adoption and detect trends using historical data.

Office 365 Site Analytics and Trends

Manage User's Content in Office 365

Office 365 Content Management

React to detected activity trends:

  • Manage content left behind by an ex-employee.
  • Archive unused teams, files, and sites.
  • Reorganize your tenant architecture by moving subsites or libraries.

Taking part in our early access program

With your help, we aim to solve the challenge of creating a complete Office 365 inventory of content usage and trends, as well as discovering stale (inactive) resources and managing it all with ease.

We’d like to work closely with you to:

  • Understand how you’re currently monitoring and managing content and services across your environment and maintaining this information.
  • Create an opportunity for you to work with our developers, provide feedback on new software releases, and influence our roadmap.

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