Track SharePoint Permission Changes Over Time

Permission changes can enable users to get access to sensitive data that they shouldn’t have. Therefore, timely detection of these changes is essential for keeping your environment secure.

SysKit Security Manager helps you detect modifications to permissions over time, whether the permission inheritance has been broken or restored, the permissions have been granted or removed, or if group membership has changed.

take a snapshot

Stay on top of all changes in your environment

SysKit Security Manager crawls your Office 365, SharePoint Online or On-Prem and takes a snapshot of all permissions for your sites, lists, libraries, documents, and items.

Take a full snapshot of your Office 365 or make custom snapshots and keep an eye on SharePoint permission changes over time.

Tip! Get periodic snapshots of your tenant! Don’t waste time on repetitive tasks – schedule the time and period of running automatic snapshots.

Audit Office 365 permissions changes & external sharing

Track each and every permission change happening on any part of Office 365 essentially in real time!

Explore external sharing and access requests for the entire tenant. Control suspicious actions and make sure you are giving access to the right people. Detect:

  • Shared file, folder, or site
  • Break/restore sharing inheritance
  • Creation of company shareable links and anonymous links
  • Access requests

Audit Office 365 permissions chnanges

Identify if everyone has appropriate access after migration

The Permissions Compare feature allows you to quickly find differences in SharePoint permissions and detect unauthorized changes. It’s your perfect ally for data protection.

Compare permissions between an object with broken permission inheritance and its parent

Clean up content which has unnecessary unique permissions and prevent possible headaches in the future.

Compare permissions for any two selected SharePoint objects

For example, your users are reporting that they can access one list on a site, but the other one is giving them permissions errors.

Compare permission changes on a specific object over time

Something worked well yesterday, but today it’s giving your users an “access denied” message. Check what’s going on.

Compare Office 365 Objects

The overview report of differences is exportable as an Excel file. This way, you can save the results, share them with your colleagues, and examine them more closely using filtering options. Here is a sample of an Object to Object Permission Compare Report.


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