Office 365 and SharePoint Reporting, Permissions, and Management

Use SysKit Point for detailed SharePoint and Office 365 reporting: audit Office 365 and SharePoint activity, control who has access to your Power BI reports and limit sensitive data exposure, oversee external sharing and inactive content, use Microsoft Teams Shared Channels reporting to detect all Shared Channels in your environment, its members, and inside content and keep an eye on your Office 365 permissions and memberships.



Access reports

Report issues in real-time, no matter where you are. Send reports to your colleagues or managers via link.


Export & schedule reports

Export Office 365 reports in Excel or PDF. Schedule the report delivery to your manager’s or auditor’s inbox.


Filter and customize reports

Refine your Office 365 reporting with powerful filters. Customize your reports by adding or removing data.


Perform actions from reports

No need to browse through the expanse of your tenant, perform management actions directly from a report.

Explore and audit your permissions with Permissions Matrix

Have a report ready in a snap when your managers and auditors ask to check the permissions in your tenant!

Detect who has access to what across Office 365 sites associated with Microsoft 365 Groups, Microsoft Teams and private channels, and OneDrive accounts.

Check the permissions across your sites all the way to the file level and manage access directly from the permissions matrix!

Gain insight into permissions and memberships with User Access reports

Have a central report for user permissions and memberships across SharePoint sites, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365 Groups, and Microsoft Teams private channels!

Select a single user or filter out high-risk types such as admins, external, or blocked users to make sure where they have access.

Expand each site and find all permissions down to the file level. Save time – remove user access from multiple sites right from the report!

Control the security of your tenant with Unique Permissions reports

Have you ever stumbled upon a file in your folder you can’t access? SysKit Point lists out all your content across Office 365 where permissions differ from a parent!

Audit access to your content by investigating the permissions differences between the parent and a child. Improve security by restoring permissions inheritance directly from the report.

Office 365 Unique permissions remove

Alerts for configuration changes

Track all Microsoft 365 sites, groups, and Teams guest access with External Sharing reports

List all external users in a tenant. Select one or more users and get a detailed report containing all their membership and access information.

List all externally shared content in a tenant, including Microsoft Teams files and private channels, Microsoft 365 Groups sites, and OneDrive.

Review all sharing settings on a tenant level. Check where is enabled which type of sharing (anonymous or authenticated), and which content is vulnerable to security breaches.

Check sharing links details with Sharing Links reports

Find all content shared via sharing links in one central report! The report contains files shared via:

  • Anonymous links
  • Links for specific people
  • Sharing links within your company

Find valuable details such as the dates when the sharing links were created, when they expire, and what type of access rights they give. Remove all links and stop sharing access with a single click!

Check out all sharing link in Office 365 tenant

Microsoft Teams private channels report

Reporting of Microsoft Teams Private and Shared Channels lets you stay in control

SysKit Point introduces powerful Microsoft Teams Private and Shared Channels reporting.

Get a list of all the Private and Shared Channels across your teams in a dedicated report. See their members as well as their domains for shared ones, owners, files, and usage activity. Easily monitor the SharePoint sites related to private channels and stay on top of site sprawl.

Microsoft Power Platform - Power BI Inventory and Permission Reports

Expand your view of your Microsoft 365 inventory with Power BI reports. List out your entire Power BI inventory and dig deeper into permissions and workspaces with all the key information.

  • Explore all workspaces with a list of reports and datasets. 
  • Check who has access to each of them along with the access level per user. 

Make sure that sensitive reports are not exposed to someone who shouldn’t see it, always know how reports are being shared and used.



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