Office 365 Governance Automation

Automate Office 365 governance with SysKit Point. Delegate responsibility from IT team to site, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft 365 Groups owners, who have operational knowledge of who should have access to their resources and what should they do with their inactive sites. Speed up the process by scheduling periodic permissions reviews and seting up automated lifecycle policy.

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Improve Reliability of the Process

Minimize errors – ensure that resource owners complete their tasks by setting up an automated process with reminders.

point automated office 365 governance

Boost Governance Adoption

Use automation and a simple interface to drive
adoption of the company’s
governance processes.


Cut the Governance Process Delays

Ensure a clutter-free and secure environment without the IT team’s manual interference and their response time delays.

Office 365 Governance

Empower Resource Owners to Take Part in Office 365 Governance

Strengthen up the company’s Office 365 governance by making Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365 Groups, and site owners reliable governance partners.

Schedule periodical access reviews and lifecycle management to ensure that owners review all permissions and inactive resources. The entire process is simple and doesn’t require an in-depth knowledge of Office 365:

  1. An admin specifies the task: what resources to govern and how often
  2. Owners receive an automated email request to perform an action
  3. Any owner of a particular resource does the task in a simple Point interface
  4. An admin sees the progress of each active task and gets a detailed report on all review task activity
  5. Owners receive reminders to complete their tasks

Keep Your Tenant Secure By Requesting Regular Access Reviews

Audit your sensitive content with automated permissions review. Lift the burden from your IT team and delegate the responsibility to the ones with the best operational knowledge – content owners!

Apply multiple policies designed to fit your access governance needs. Definine:

Where: Specific sites, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365 Groups, and OneDrive accounts
Who: The owners responsible for the review
What: Memberships, all content, or external sharing
How often: Every month or less frequently.

Request an instant access review to investigate potential security breaches.

Perform Office 365 permissions review

Manage inactive Microsoft Teams, Office 365 Groups, and sites

Unclutter Your Tenant: Manage Your Inactive Teams, Groups, and Sites

Have a clutter-free tenant! Use Point’s lifecycle management to automatically detect inactive SharePoint sites, Microsoft 365 Groups, and Microsoft Teams.

Set up a policy that requests owners to manage their inactive resources regularly. Have tight control of what they decided to do with their inactive sites, teams, and groups:

Keep – the resource is renewed.
Delete – the resource is deleted from Office 365.
Archive – the resource stopped being available to its members.


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