Trace It All – Document Your Entire Microsoft 365 Configuration Inventory and Track Changes

Use an efficient and user-friendly tool as a centralized solution for documenting Microsoft 365 settings and tracking configuration changes.




Centralize all settings from multiple admin centers in one place, automate configuration inventory and save hours of manual work.



Ensure complete traceability, be ready for external controlling and auditing, and comply with HIPAA or GDPR standards.



Make timely and fact-based decisions about configuration changes and detect them instantly. Keep your M365 secured and correctly configured.  

Microsoft 365 Inventory

Document Your Entire Microsoft 365 Inventory

You need your tenant to be safe and regularly maintained, you need your data to stay intact, and you want to be ready for auditing. But do you also want to reduce manual work and eliminate human errors?

Scan your entire tenant on a schedule you define, crawl through various workloads, and generate a comprehensive report of your cloud configuration settings within a single-pane view.

The configuration inventory report includes:

  • Azure Active Directory (AAD) information,
  • SharePoint Online and OneDrive configuration,
  • Microsoft Teams and Groups setup,
  • Exchange Online settings,
  • Security and Compliance settings.

Track Configuration Over Time or Compare Different Tenants

Get a historical data analysis by creating a snapshot of your Microsoft 365 settings at a certain time. Compare and analyze it with real-time information and take measures to create optimal conditions. Create multiple snapshots and use them to:

  • Compare your settings with different points in time and detect accidental or unplanned changes,
  • Mark correctly configured settings and use them as a baseline for future configurations.

Compare Different Tenants

Alerts for configuration changes

Get Alerts on Configuration Changes

Automatically monitor your tenant and get real-time configuration change notifications.

Always be in the know if external sharing settings were changed, if the security or compliance policies setup changed, if Microsoft Teams settings are inconsistent, and eliminate misuses.


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