Office 365 Analytics and Adoption

Track user interaction with Office 365 services and maximize ROI by using Office 365 adoption metrics and usage reports.

Office 365 user engagement


Detect which content and services
are not being used, and educate
your users to adapt to modern
workplace possibilities.

track usage trends

Track Trends with User Behavior Analytics

Compare the usage metrics
through a prolonged
period of time and
detect trends.

Compare Differences

Compare Adoption Between Departments

Compare user activity
between your departments
and teams to measure
their Office 365 adoption.

Understand Office 365 Content Usage

Explore how your users interact with Office 365 content through time. Use prolonged data retention to report on:

• The most popular sites, pages or documents
• The most active users
• The most used devices
• The largest sites
• Unused and inactive sites, teams, and groups
Usage trends between different sites, groups, and teams

Keep track of the number of created, viewed, or edited files for each individual user. Monitor OneDrive activity, such as externally shared files or the total number of files.

Control the clutter in your Office 365 tenant and ensure that the right information is reaching the right audience.

SharePoint analytics

Microsoft Teams analytics

Report on Microsoft Teams Analytics

Use a single-pane dashboard to review Microsoft Teams usage. Check:

  • The most active Teams users
  • The preferred chat type (private or public)
  • Meeting count and trends
  • The most active teams and channels
  • Devices used for interactions

Measure Office 365 Adoption

Visualize and analyze how the entire organization or specific departments utilize SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams. Easily answer these essential questions:

  • Which of my employees are not active?
  • Who are my Microsoft Teams champions to help me drive adoption?
  • Which services are not being utilized to the fullest potential?

office 365 adoption by department

Office 365 collaboration analytics

Track Office 365 Collaboration

Use network interaction charts to gain a better understanding of Teams collaboration, chat, and meeting habits of your employees.

Increase personal productivitydrive collaboration between Office 365 users, and ensure the desired ROI.

Empower Data Owners

Share the information with your content owners and give them a deep understanding of how their data is being utilized. SysKit Point will help them make better decisions by detecting:

  • The most popular documents and pages
  • Channel and chat activities usage
  • The most active channels
  • The most active team members

office 365 content analytics


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