Office 365 Analytics

Control content growth, track user adoption, and detect your stale content with the help of Office 365 analytics and usage reports.

Compare Differences

Compare Adoption
Between Departments

Compare user activity
between your departments
and teams to compare
their Office 365 adoption.

track usage trends

Track Trends with
User Behavior Analytics

Compare the usage
with the previous period
and detect any unusual trends
in how your users use the content.


Fine Tune
the Results

Control the range
and type of data you get
by using our powerful filters
and a report column picker.

Control content growth with Office 365 analytics and usage

Explore how your users are interacting with the content – check usage details of an individual site, team, group, or OneDrive account:

  • The number of total and viewed files
  • Site hits and site size
  • Unique visitors
  • Unique permissions and external users

Find inactive content, the most popular content, and large sites. Use those metrics to control the content clutter, e.g. promote the most popular content to a more visible position or remove inactive content.

Track Office 365 analytics and usage for each site

Check analytics and content usage for each Office 365 user

Monitor user adoption with Office 365 user analytics

List all users to see general information such as license, department, and sign-in status. At a single glance find the number of external, licensed, and unlicensed users in a tenant.

Dig into an individual user to see the usage and adoption details:

  • Created, viewed, edited, or shared files
  • Created, shared and externally shared OneDrive files
  • Last activity date and last files modified

Get a deep understanding of Office 365 content usage

Get detailed analytics related to an individual file and detect the most popular or stale content:

  • Number of unique visitors and hits
  • Date of the last visit and modification
  • Number of total, anonymous, and external users

Track analytics and usage for each file in Office 365 tenant

find inactive microsoft teams in a central report

Detect inactive Microsoft Teams and unclutter your tenant

Simplify the process of Microsoft Teams cleanup – see all inactive teams in your tenant in a central report.

  • Empower team owners: Let them detect and govern unused teams without PowerShell scripting or admin access.
  • Comply with your expiration policy: Customize the time frame after which your teams are marked inactive to fit your rentention policies.


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