Office 365 Access Management

Keeping control over Office 365 access is of the highest importance for the security of your cloud. Maximize the security of your tenant by removing suspicious guest users and restoring broken permission inheritance. Save time by managing permissions and memberships in bulk.

office 365 user settings


Get all the info
in one centralized place
and manage access on the fly.

bulk actions

Bulk management

Save time!
Select multiple users and
manage their access in bulk.


Real-time permission

Detect incremental
permission changes as they
happen in the Office 365 environment.

Improve Security with this SharePoint Online permissions management tool

Explore and manage permissions across all types of sites in Office 365:

  • Grant, remove, copy, transfer, or edit user access
  • Add and remove admins and owners in bulk
  • Change admin access
  • Detect and manage content with unique permissions
  • Restore permissions inheritance for multiple files and documents at once

Remove Office 365 access

Stop Office 365 sharing

Avoid security breaches with Office 365 guest users management

Control external access and excessive content sharing – make sure your sensitive files don’t fall into the wrong hands!

  • Remove multiple sharing links or prevent specific people from using them
  • Stop OneDrive file sharing – both internal and external
  • Remove any group, site, or team gues users

Enhance HR processes with Office 365 access management

Make your onboarding and offboarding process as light as a breeze. Manage permissions and edit Microsoft 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams memberships.

  • Identify and clean up all permissions and memberships after a user leaves the company
  • Add users to multiple Groups and Teams when new employees join the organization
  • Change ownership: Promote members to owners and vice versa

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