This article provides a list of permission changes in SysKit Point app registrations through versions.

SysKit Point is constantly evolving and adding new features. Sometimes, we require additional consent from a Global administrator in your organization for these new features to work. This might be needed after you upgraded to the latest version of SysKit Point.

If the latest SysKit Point version has some new permissions requirements to which your Global Administrator has not consented before, you will get a notification at the bottom of the Welcome Home screen after your first sign in to the new version:

Global Admin Reconsent Needed - Grant permissions to SysKit Point to use the latest feature.

To resolve this and ensure all the new features work properly, ask your Global Administrator to sign in to SysKit Point and click Reconsent (1) on the shown notification.

Change Log

Depending on which version you are upgrading to, below you can find the list of changes in permissions requested and which features depend on them.

SysKit Point 2022.3

The following app registration was added:

  • SysKit Point Configuration Inventory - created when the Configuration Inventory module is deployed with SysKit Point; used to collect Microsoft 365 configuration data

Therefore, a Global Admin will have to re-consent in the SysKit Point Welcome Home screen.

To see the complete list of permissions assigned to the SysKit Point Configuration Inventory app registration, navigate to the following article.

SysKit Point 2022.2

  • A redirect URI was added to the SysKit Point Service app registration that enables SysKit Point Admins to access the new Hangfire dashboard. The Hangfire dashboard offers an overview of the status of all the background jobs SysKit Point is periodically running. Therefore, a Global Admin will have to:
    • Re-Consent in the SysKit Point Welcome Home screen
    • Navigate to the Hangfire dashboard URL and grant permissions to the SysKit Point Service so that it can log in users from the tenant securely.
  • No new permissions were added

SysKit Point 2021.10

The following app registrations were added:

  • SysKit Point Permissions Loader - used for optimized data sync of SharePoint sites and OneDrive
  • SysKit Point API - used for third-party app integration to get SysKit Point data and use it in other business applications and web services; currently in Beta stage; by default, the app registration has no permissions added

The following permissions were added:

App RegistrationPermissionsTypeReason
SysKit Point ClientRead all users' relevant people listsDelegatedAllows SysKit Point to display users' relevant people lists in People Picker within SysKit Point Teams app.
SysKit Point ServiceRead files in all site collectionsApplicationEnables SysKit Point to perform partial site syncs, containing changed files only.
SysKit Point ServiceRead all published labels and label policies for an organizationApplicationEnables SysKit Point to sync published sensitivity labels and store them in the database.
SysKit Point Permissions LoaderUses the same set of permissions as SysKit Point Service App RegistrationApplicationUsed for optimized SharePoint and OneDrive sync.
SysKit Point APINo permissions added-Used for third-party app integration.

To see the complete list of used App Registrations and assigned permissions, navigate to the Permission Requirements article.